Life with MS & EDS

February 23, 2009

MS Walks

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I was looking at the list of upcoming MS Walks in my area.  There’s one at a zoo not far from here and it’s a 2 mile walk.  That sounds like a great goal for me.  Until I found out I had MS, I had always planned to walk the Breast Cancer 3-Day which is a 60 mile event.  I’ve accepted that this goal has to be revised, so I’ll continue to crew that event.  My daughters know that I crew the 3-Day and that our friends walk in memory of our friend Karen and to raise money to eradicate a horrible disease.  They are proud of me for helping.

I’d love to tackle a 2 mile walk.  A zoo sounds like a perfect location.  It would be a fun way to raise money and awareness and the girls have enjoyed that zoo the other times we’ve been there.   As I’m thinking this through, it occurs to me that the 2 miles wouldn’t be the challenging part.  The bigger challenge would be how my older daughter would take this.  She doesn’t know that I have Multiple Sclerosis.  She just knows that something is wrong with my eye and that I’m taking shots for it.  She’s almost 8, but freaks out very easily and we saw no reason to stress her with giving this problem a name.  That’s the tricky part.  Doing the “MS Walk” would give this a name.  She couldn’t handle knowing that Mommy has something that people do walks for.  To her, walks are for people with serious illnesses, things like breast cancer that killed our friend.   MS certainly isn’t killing me.

My friend offered to do the MS Walk with me at the zoo and have the guys do something else with the kids, but it would make me too sad to do it without them there.  I’d want them there cheering me on.  I’m still struggling with hiding my MS from them.

So, I looked into something else, assuming that the Walk is just going to have to wait a little longer.  One of the big events in the area is the City-to-Shore Bike MS.  Our family is fortunate to have access to a house in Ocean City, NJ, the “shore” location for this event. We’re often down there the weekend of this event and see the riders on the boardwalk.  I always thought these folks were doing such a great thing.  A friend of ours has done the ride and it sounds pretty neat.  Instead of doing a walk this year, I think I’ll try to volunteer to help out with this event.  It would be a great way to thank all of them for what they are doing.  It never occurred to me that this event would someday benefit me.


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