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April 23, 2009

Prednisone – Day One

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I’m still beyond thrilled to finally have the IV out of my arm.  My arm is still sore and I am still babying it a bit (as hubby noticed last night, I was still walking around like Bob Dole), but I’m getting better and am able to use my arm again for most things.  I certainly slept better last night and that makes a world of difference.

Today is the start of the Prednisone taper, which for me involves 4 pills a day for 3 days, then 3 pills for 3 days, then 2 for 3 days, then finally 1 a day for 3 days.  My husband found the pill sorter we have and I filled it up for a week.  It has my Prednisone, Zantac, Vitamin, and the last couple days worth of my antibiotic for my sinus infection.  I left out the Ambien since I’m going to try to go without it.  But, wow, do I feel old!  I never imagined I’d be on so much medication that I’d need something to help sort it all out.  It’s a bit overwhelming.

As for the Prednisone, it seems really strong! It has to be taken with food, so I took my first with breakfast this morning at 8.  By 9 I had that metallic taste I got in my mouth from the Solu-Medrol.  I guess I wasn’t expecting that.  It’s making me eat more than I should.  The pill made me a bit edgy and my senses are still heightened.  My next pill was with lunch.  The first one still seemed so strong that it was strange to take another right on top of the first one.  I can’t imagine what I’m going to feel like come the 4th pill today.  Perhaps I’ll need that Ambien after all.  Big Sister’s been waiting for me to start bouncing off the walls.  She may just get that this evening!

I wish I had some indication of whether steroids are working.  I’ve heard of some people saying they’ve noticed immediate improvements.  I certainly can’t say that.  My left hand is still tingly.  My optic neuritis in my right eye seems blurrier today than it has in a while, but it’s not too bad.  I can’t tell what’s going on with my fatigue.  I’m both wiped out and wired at the same time.  What a strange combination!

Sorry my thoughts are so scattered today!  It’s my first full day of work this week and hopefully things are going okay and that I’m not messing up too many things.  It’s rather hard to focus!   I’ve gotten a few things done at least.  Last night I designed a shirt for my MS Walk team!  I’ve also crossed a few other things off my to-do list, which I’m trying to keep short.  I guess things are going as well as I should expect.



  1. Best of luck with all of this–I typically have more energy after IVSM, but don’t see real improvement. When I have tapered I take all the pred at once did they say to take it spread out like that! It is so odd how different each doc is??

    Hang in there!

    Comment by GG — April 23, 2009 @ 7:13 pm

  2. GG! Thank you! I was questioning how I was doing the dosing. I called the pharmacy for clarification. She said taking all 4 at one time would make me sick to my stomach, so we came up with a compromise. She said to eat a hearty breakfast and take 2 then, followed by 2 at lunch. That way I’ll be done with them far before bedtime. When I switch down to 3 pills, I’ll still do two at breakfast and one at lunch, eventually just taking them in the morning. Thank you again!!!!

    Comment by mseds — April 24, 2009 @ 5:20 am

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