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April 28, 2009

Prednisone – Day Six

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I’ve been snapped back into reality a bit today.  Hubby had to have dental surgery this morning.  An infected tooth and a wisdom tooth, thankfully both in the same area, had to be extracted.  Our usual morning routine involves him doing most of the work to get the girls out the door, but today I helped out a bit to get us all out of the house.  Little Sister was glad to have be around during drop-off at school.  We even made it to the oral surgeon on time.  I think I’ve gotten past the morning-after-Ambien haze I had earlier in this process!

The surgery took a bit longer than expected, but seemed to go well.  The hard part was definitely afterward.  Hubby, lucky guy that he is, has never, ever been under anesthesia or even sedated before.  He’s in his mid-30’s, so I think it’s awesome that he’s made it this far without this wonderful experience.  He didn’t come out of the IV sedation very well at all.  He’s having a pretty awful time of it.  He’s barely staying awake and is certainly out of sorts.  He definitely didn’t know what to expect of all of this.  I’ve had 5 wisdom teeth out (yes, I had a spare they discovered 4 years after the initial batch was removed) as well as four other teeth extracted when I got braces.  At least this is a surgery I know something about and can stay calm.

It’s a nice, yet strange change of pace to be the care-giver for a change.  He’s always so focused on taking care of me.  I’m obviously not glad that he needed the surgery, but it’s forced me to step up my recovery a bit and snap out of the steroid-induced haze I’ve been in.



  1. 7 hours later I am ok enough to check my feeds. I still would rather be lying down and I’m not that hungry but otherwise I am pretty with it.

    As for being a caregiver, what she is doing for me is miles beyond anything I do for her on any given day. I just keep the kids out of her hair when she needs rest and make the odd (and I mean that in most senses of the word) batch of Mac-n-cheese and fish sticks.

    Dishes, laundry, toilet cleaning, and fixing the home electronics that’s my domain. But that’s not care-giving. That’s marriage. So, even though she makes it sound like this is reciprocal, it’s not.

    She supported me more today more than I’ve had to support her since this whole MS-experience started late last year. At a minimum I never had to walk her to the car and wonder if I could catch her if she collapsed.

    Honey, thanks for being there for me today. I wasn’t at all worried about this procedure because I knew you’d know what to do once we left the office.

    Comment by nothingknew — April 28, 2009 @ 4:25 pm

  2. Hey Ivy,

    I just found your site while looking for other people writing about their experiences with chronic illness. I’m glad to hear your experience on prednisone is going pretty well, and that you don’t have that IV anymore! It seems like you’re fighting pretty hard against your MS & EDS and I think that’s great; I’m really looking forward to poking around your site!

    I write a comic about my (often comic) experiences with chronic illness (i have an autoimmune grab bag of neuro/rheumatologic/ and endocrine autoimmune disease) and I thought you might want to check it out. You can see it at

    I hope you keep doing well on the pred and feeling better – and that your husband gets over his anthestic haze soon!

    stay well!
    – Miss Waxie

    Comment by misswaxie — April 28, 2009 @ 7:21 pm

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