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April 30, 2009

Prednisone – Day Eight

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Today was the first day I can honestly say I had any energy.  I made it through an entire day of work with no sick leave!  I actually think I was moderately productive.  I still don’t feel like myself.  My thoughts aren’t as clear as they should be and I still feel like there’s a wave of something over me.  I am edgy and my patience level hasn’t returned to normal.  Little Sister was screaming her head off this morning and I really felt the need to just get out of the house.  I couldn’t tolerate it.  Thankfully hubby got her on her way to school before I brought myself to depart.

My hunger level has reached a new high.  I didn’t think it was possible to want to eat this much in a day.  I’m trying to make healthy choices (e.g.,  oatmeal instead of eggs for a second breakfast; salad instead of junk-food in the afternoon; cereal instead of ice cream for bedtime snack), but it’s still three extra meals that I probably don’t need.  Of course this is only making the acid reflux worse and two Zantac 150s a day are not enough.  I need to get the eating under control and find out if there is other medication I can take or if I can take Zantac three times a day.  My throat is just burning and that makes me want to eat more to push down the acid.  It’s a vicious cycle.



  1. Hi–
    I have been enjoying your stories about how pred is effecting you! I am on my 3rd month of IV solumderol ( 3 days of 1000mg each day). I must say the rational / worry wart part of my brain really dislikes being on this and I plan on discussing with my doc that I can’t stay on it for long!!!

    BUT… I have more energy today than I have had in ages I actually was fairly busy from 9;00 am to 6:30 today including work and a quick trip to Costco albeit I used the electric cart…..but still….

    I don’t even think I have been eating too excessively but in the last 2 months I have gained 10-15 pounds..and I’m already way overweight…Frustrating to say the least..

    Thanks for keeping us updated!

    Comment by GG — April 30, 2009 @ 9:48 pm

  2. Wow, I’ll be thinking about you. I can’t imagine being on this that often. Do you find that it helps at all? Perhaps I’d feel differently if I noticed some improvement in my symptoms. I imagine it’s helping something. It’s got to be. I have a lot of active lesions, so I just need to have hope that this is helping calm those down and remind myself that I’m fortunate that I’m not noticing more symptoms.

    It’s great that you finally have some energy! It’s hard to be run down all of the time. I completely feel your pain about gaining weight while already being heavier than ideal. I’m in the same boat! I’m at my heaviest and really need to get back to doing Weight Watchers or something.

    Good luck with everything and definitely let me know how things are going!


    Comment by mseds — May 1, 2009 @ 10:30 am

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