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May 6, 2009

Little Sister’s Dental Surgery

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Yesterday Little Sister had her dental surgery.  This was her 4th time under general anesthesia and she’s only 4.  That was definitely a concern, but at least this was the easiest time.

We decided to tell her about the plans the night before.  Hubby explained to her that she was going to get her teeth fixed the next morning and that she’d sleep through it.  Surprisingly there were no tears at all!  She’s so used to doctors, so this was nothing new to her.  Perhaps that helped or maybe we just got lucky.  We followed that up with letting her pick dinner (nuggets, mac & cheese, and mozzarella sticks with a crescent roll) and dessert (mint chocolate chip ice cream sundaes.)  We even ate in front of the T.V. and she got to pick the show.  Pretty good deal, if you ask me!  She was even okay at bedtime.  She was concerned that she wouldn’t get to drink in the morning, so we did an extra sip of water before bed and she was fine with that.  I was very impressed.

The next morning we got her up an hour and a half early and threw her into the car in her PJs.  We were at the hospital by 7 a.m.  Check in was quick and we were brought back moments later.  We never used the word “hospital” with her, but it was very clear we stepped into a hospital at that point.  I was worried that she was going to freak since it looked identical to the emergency room we were at there after her tonsils were removed.  Thankfully she didn’t seem to notice and was pretty calm!  She even let us change her into the special PJs from the nurse.  She started to get a little nervous then, but she willingly walked to the scale to get weighed.  They gave her a cute purple teddy bear to keep that was obviously hand-made by a generous donor.

We got back to the room and turned on PBS.  Then a nurse wanted to take her blood pressure, but I asked that they wait until after she’s at least had giggle juice.  They had no problem with that, thank goodness!  Little Sister HATES getting her blood pressure taken.  Soon after that the anesthesiologist came in and we chatted.  They let me give her some giggle juice and we waited for it to kick in.  She definitely got very, very loopy.  It was so funny to watch!  Her smiles cracked me up, as did her fascination with her hand.  I wish we could have gotten some of that to take with!  During this time we got to talk with her dentist.  I mentioned the few things I have been concerned about, but that they don’t get to check during regular visits because Little Sister just doesn’t sit still enough and because she’s generally not calm at the dentist’s office.  The dentist said it would take between 1.5 and 2.5 hours.  By 8 a.m. they were wheeling her away.

Hubby and I got breakfast and waited in the lobby area.  An hour and a half passed quickly.  At 2 hours we started to worry.  We just hoped that they didn’t have to pull a tooth, because Little Sister would have freaked.  At that point we thought we’d be lucky if there were just root canals and caps.  Big Sister had that, so hopefully Little Sister wouldn’t mind.  Then at around 11 the dentist came out and said Little Sister did great!  She only needed 8 cavities filled and they used all white fillings so she won’t even know!!!  WAHOO!  She also did a very good cleaning and had to do some work along the gum line.  We had asked about geographic tongue, which her other dentist mentioned at her last exam.  This dentist saw one area that may have looked like that, but apparently these things come and go, so it’s not clear if she has it or not.  We did learn that her Ehlers-Danlos is affecting her tongue.  About one out of five taste buds are larger than the others.  It’s  a collagen thing.  I thought that was interesting.

We finally got back to see Little Sister at around 11:30.  While she did very well before surgery, coming out of anesthesia was not pleasant.  She was pretty upset.  Like most other kids, the IV was upsetting and they had the darn blood pressure cuff on her that scared her to bits when it randomly tightened.  We finally got her to agree to try a popsicle, but she said it tasted funny.  We moved onto apple juice and got her to drink all of 1 oz.  Apparently that was good enough because around 12:30 they agreed to take off the blood pressure cuff and got the IV out soon thereafter.  We were headed home around 1 p.m.

She was groggy the next couple of hours, but perked up around 3 p.m.  She was ready to play and to eat something.  By 4 p.m. she was demanding to do something fun.  We had a Cinco de Mayo party to go to that night, so we were out the door by 5:15.  She did great!  She looked drugged and her mouth area was a bit swollen, but otherwise she was fine.

Thank goodness this is over.  My goal is to stay out of doctor’s offices until I see Dr. Generalist in July!


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