Life with MS & EDS

May 10, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day!

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I had a fantastic Mother’s Day!  It started with breakfast in bed courtesy of Hubby and Big Sister.  They got Little Sister involved just before bringing it into me so that she could join in the fun, too.  I got to eat breakfast all by myself and got to watch the morning news for a change.

After that they headed off to Sunday School and I got to have the house to myself.  I cooked almost all of my favorite recipes (zucchini bread, baked brie, corn cheese quiche) while listening to my favorite CD, at top volume, of course.  I actually like to cook when I have the house to myself and can concentrate and when I don’t get interrupted or side-tracked.

We had our moms over along with my aunt and dad for a nice brunch.  I ate far too much and only have 1.5 Points left in my weekly bank that will have to get me through Tuesday, but it was all so good!  Last time on Weight Watchers I learned not to beat myself up for rare splurges, so I don’t feel bad in the least.  It will all balance out and the important thing is that I’m not eating like this everyday anymore.

The girls gave me such sweet presents, all of which were handmade.  Little Sister actually wrote her name in the card she made me at school!!!  That brought a tear to my eye.  She usually flat out refuses to write her name.  She’s working on it with her occupational therapist, but it’s a real challenge for her.  She’s very stubborn and usually refuses to even try.  She won’t even trace the letters if we draw dotted lines on cards.  Some letters were backwards or a bit twisted, but it was obviously her name and I’m so proud of her!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


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