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July 28, 2009

New Shoes

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What’s the best way to ease the arrival of your next shipment of MS drugs?  Order something you can’t wait to get to arrive at the same time!

This morning the big brown truck drove past my office window and instead of feeling glum about it, I raced upstairs and greeted the driver.  In his hands were two boxes: one marked “PERISHABLE!” and the other containing what I really wanted – my new shoes!

It occurred to me that it was finally time to part with my beloved Dansko Lolitas.  This is their 6th summer with me and I wear them almost every day from May through October.  They are starting to show their age:

Good-bye Lolitas

Good-bye Lolitas

I got them the summer before I became pregnant with Lil Sister.  I was finally in a place in my life where I could upgrade from Payless and get a decent pair of shoes.  I had heard many people I know talking about Dansko and decided to check them out.  I went to this fantastic shoe store in Congressional Plaza on Rockville Pike and started trying on shoes.  I instantly fell in love with these Lolitas.  It was hard to justify spending around $100 on sandals, but handed over the credit card anyway and haven’t regretted the decision.

A good pair of shoes is worth every last penny. Contrary to what my closet may look like, I’m not shoe person.  I buy shoes as much for comfort as for how they look, with comfort pulling rank.  I’ve tried buying other shoes in the past, but they tend to sit in the closet.  Since I can’t wear my sandals year-round, I have two other shoes that I’ll wear: my Clark ankle boots and my Lands’ End mocks.  When I found out they were discontinuing my favorite Clarks, I went to the outlet and managed to find one of the last pairs in my size.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do when those wear out.  Once I find something I like, I’m hooked and it’s hard to change!

That leads me to this morning.  I tried to buy another pair of Lolitas yesterday.  Of course it’s July and stores are clearing out sandals to make space for winter items, so selections were slim.  I wasn’t about to drive down to Maryland to get new shoes, so I had to find a new place up here.  I called around and the Walking Company store near me seemed to have things left in my size.  The guy there was really nice, but nothing in stock appealed to me.  I headed home and went to their website instead and searched around a few other places, too.  Turns out the Lolita is being DISCONTINUED!!!!!  WAHHHH!!!!

I need new shoes as we are heading to Disney in two days and from the looks of my current shoes, I’m not sure they’ll take well to 9 days of walking.  The Walking Co. will ship overnight for $10 if you order by 3.  I found a new pair of shoes that seem to be the replacement for the Lolitas called the Moriah.  So, at 3:02 I placed my order (was later than I hoped) and sure enough they were here this morning with my Copaxone.

I have them on now and LOVE them already!  Lolita and Moriah will accompany me to Disney and I hope to be able to part with Lolita permanently while we are there.



  1. It is always worthwhile to spend for better quality shoes. I can always tell when my shoes are worn out, or cheaply made. Maybe I’ll check these out for me replacements. My sandals are only 3 years old, but they are beat up and STINK!!

    Have fun breaking them in!

    Comment by Posey — July 29, 2009 @ 8:51 pm

  2. […] meeting.  I was walking quickly across the grocery store parking lot.  I was wearing my awesome Dansko sandals.  It’s probably the 4th time I’ve worn them this year since it’s been so warm.  […]

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