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November 16, 2009

Greatly Appreciated

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The past 12 days have been extremely busy and I was worried that I just wouldn’t have the energy to get through it.

It began with my husband’s short business trip, during which the girls were pretty darn good, thankfully.  Over those 3 days I packed the rest of us up, then on Friday we picked him up from the train station and off we were on a 6 hour drive for a long weekend in Williamsburg.  It was a great vacation!  Little Sister handled this far, far better than Disney!  I was pleasantly surprised. Unlike Disney, there was no assault on the senses.  She got sick of eating meals out, so we brought dinner in one night,  and she didn’t want to walk into the visitors center in Colonial Williamsburg, but once we got her to the kids orientation walk, she warmed up and really enjoyed it.  She’s sensory seeking when she’s in control of things.  One of her favorite parts was just walking on the cobblestone and crushed up shells.

On the way home from the vacation we stopped part way in D.C.  While trying to find a place to park to see the Air and Space Museum we drove by 75% of the buildings I’ve worked in.  I miss D.C., so it was nice to stop by.  We even met up with a good friend for dinner and arrived home only a little later than expected.

The next day was Veterans Day (one of my 2 favorite Federal holidays since I am the only one who has off in the family!)  My original plan was to be able to sleep in, but instead I had to go into town for my brain MRI, so I was out the door by 6 a.m.  That night I had to drive back down to D.C. for a meeting the next day.

I arrived back home just in time to see the girls before bedtime on Thursday.  Friday was a work day and that evening I scrambled to get ready for my Brownie Troop’s first camping trip.  We were out the door by 8 a.m. Saturday morning for another busy two days.  By Sunday afternoon I just wanted peace and quiet and time to sleep.

The greatest thing I learned through this experience is that I can do it when I need to.  I’m pretty good at mind over matter and can push through when needed.  I knew this would be a stretch, but I’m proud that I pulled it off.  Another thing I learned is that I need to avoid trying to do the round trip to D.C. in less than 24 hours.  It’s just too much.  I am going to start taking advantage of travel days and not feeling so guilty about missing my girls’ bedtimes.

There are three things that I am really grateful for (in no particular order.)  First is my husband and his mom for taking the girls out yesterday afternoon so that I could get some much needed sleep.  The second is that our good friends loaned us their timeshare for our vacation.  It was great to have a retreat.  The third is my fantastic coworkers and bosses.  When I met up with my friend for dinner outside D.C., she gave me a “care package” from my team.  It was a sweet card of encouragement and it was full of awesome gift cards to restaurants, a book store, and of course a place to get chocolate.  It was so greatly appreciated!

People ask what I need or how to help, but honestly I never know what to ask for.  It was such a treat to get the care package and it was exactly what I needed even though I never would have thought to ask for something like that.  I was really touched.  Having the afternoon to nap and a place to get away to were awesome, too.  There’s not much people can do for me, but I’ve learned that the thing I appreciate most is time.  Time to rest or time to have with my family.

If there is someone you know with a chronic disease and you are trying to think of something you can do for them, I highly recommend doing what you can to give them some time and even cards like the one I got.  “Get well” cards don’t work for us because these diseases aren’t curable (yet).  A “stay strong” or “we’re thinking of you” card is perfect and the more you can do to give them time they need for other things, the better.  I love that I’ll have a gift card to grab the next time I am too tired to make dinner.  I can order in a pizza or go out if we’re up to it.  I love that I have a gift card to a chocolate store so that I can get a chocolate fix the next time I get news that isn’t so great.  I also love the bookstore gift card because it will make me take time for me, which I don’t do often enough.

I’m so grateful for such awesome friends and family.  I’m really fortunate.


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