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February 4, 2010

Exciting News on CCSVI from BNAC

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The BNAC released a newsletter with updates on their research.  They are moving forward on the second diagnostic study and have added a third study that is actually focused on treatment.  This is extremely exciting and promising news.  Although they have not yet released the results of their first study, the fact that they are starting a treatment study makes me think they definitely found proof of CCSVI in MS patients.

While I’m on the list for the second study, so are 13,000+ other people!  So, I decided to sign up for their Diagnostic Testing.  For approximately $4,500, I can go up to Buffalo and get the tests I’ve been asking for.  For approximately $6,000, they’ll throw in some extra tests, a hotel, and limo service!!  I decided to sign up for the basic package and Posey and I can do a road trip instead of me flying there and having limo service.

I cannot believe that I just signed up for a $4,500 medical test!  I am just that curious and need to know.  There’s a small chance medical insurance will pay for it, but it’s not likely.  We’ll just have to find a way to pay for it.

Oh, the kindergarten transition meeting went well.  They are setting up tons of evaluations and observations and we likely won’t get to meet with them regarding the IEP until May!  I’m less stressed now that things have started, but now stress has shifted to nervousness.  At least the CCSVI news has me distracted!


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