Life with MS & EDS

April 14, 2010

Doppler Day

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Today is Doppler Day!  I’ll finally get to find out if I have blocked veins!  I’m more nervous than I expected to be.  I’m not at all nervous about the actual procedure.  There’s certainly nothing scary about an ultrasound.  I’m nervous about the results.  I’m worried that they won’t see any blocked veins and that I’ll have had my hopes up for nothing.  I don’t tend to be skeptical, but this week has been pretty lousy so far.  It has me questioning things whereas before I think I was pretty confident.

It’s strange to be wishing for “bad” medical news.  I really do want them to find blockages so that they can be opened and perhaps bring some relief.  It may not be a cure for MS, but perhaps increased blood flow will make a difference in my general health and well-being.  I can’t imagine it would be a bad thing!  I’m still amazed by the CCSVI research and am so thankful that I finally found someone who isn’t just blowing it off.

I’ll try to write with an update as soon as I get home.


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