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April 19, 2010

Almost Normal

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I was about to post something about my Vitamin D post, but then I saw Lisa’s over at Brass and Ivory.  She shared the same info I was about to on Vitamin D and did so in a fantastic way, so no need to repeat that part here.  Check out her story on Vitamin D and Multiple Sclerosis.

Dr. Generalist II was the first one to want to check my Vitamin D levels, which I was thankful for.  It’s nice to finally know where I stand.  I got my results about a week ago.  I’m at 39-39-4.  According the NIH, normal is 30 – 74, so Dr. Generalist declared me as “normal” and said to not change anything.  At the time of the test, I was taking a multi-vitamin that has 1,000IU of D3 along with an extra pill of 2,000IU of D3.  So, 39.  Normal?  It was at the low end, so I did my own research and found some of the same info Lisa references. I also found this great table at

Vitamin D levels — what’s really optimal?

>100 ng/mL
Excessive vitamin D (see note on toxicity)
50–70 ng/mL
Proposed optimal range
30–50 ng/mL
<30 ng/mL
<20 ng/mL
Overt vitamin D deficiency
<10 ng/mL
Seriously deficient

According to this chart, 39 is “suboptimal”.  I decided to add an extra 2,000IU of D3 each day to bring me up to 5,000IU daily.  I’ve only been talking supplements since Jan.  I wonder how low I was before then!  I wonder how much higher my D levels will be with the extra 2,000IU.  I hope it puts me closer to the 50+ range.  I wish I knew just how much I need to get up there.  Unfortunately, the medical community has proclaimed my levels as “normal”, so it’s hard to get advice.

Just after I got my Vitamin D test results, I went to my CCSVI Doppler Ultrasound.  As part of the test, they took my pulse ox.  The only other two times I can remember having a pulse oximeter placed on my finger were during child birth.  My rates were low both times and they put me on oxygen through the delivery.  I’ve never had it tested during regular times.  Turns out I’m just about “normal” at 94.  They like to see healthy people at 95 or higher.  At 92 they start to get concerned.  So, I’m just skating by on both Vitamin D levels and my pulse ox.

I’m so curious to see if the angioplasty opening my veins also improves the flow of oxygen throughout my body.  It seems that it would, right?  So many of my MS symptoms (fatigue, weakness, light-headedness, feeling like I never get enough air, tingling extremities) are also signs of a low pulse ox level.  It makes so much sense.  The more I read, the more pieces seem to come together.  Why can’t people with years and years of medical experience not put two and two together?  Specialists are great, but I feel like I’m missing a person that can see the whole picture and put together all of the pieces.  The holistic picture is missing.  I know the line needs to be drawn somewhere, but it doesn’t make sense for doctors to write-off just-about-normal as something that doesn’t need to be examined further.



  1. Just got back from lab to have mine Vit D checked, along with a bunch of other things. Thanks for sharing this info!

    Comment by Erin — April 20, 2010 @ 8:28 am

  2. I have been taking mega vitamin D for almost two years when my MS doc checked me out. I love it. My hair and my skin and nails are better. I don’t know why I have to feel like I have the plague when I talk to doctors about CCSVI. I know that the “trials” aren’t finished and all, but I am not asking for voodoo treatments or snakeoil remedies. I feel like I have paid my dues in suffering, pain, fatigue and so many of my life’s decisions have been made around my symptoms. It does make one weary in the mind and soul! I can’t wait to hear of how things go for you, doppler-wise and treatment wise. You are keeping me focused and my husband says he is glad that you are posting all of your experiences for your fellow-sufferers to mull things over.

    Comment by karen — April 21, 2010 @ 9:03 am

  3. I finally had my D levels checked and came out with levels similar to yours. Here is an article I found helpful in understanding how to treat: To test or not to test — the ABC’s of vitamin D testing and treatment —

    Comment by Jacqueline — May 3, 2010 @ 7:50 am

  4. […] Sclerosis, Tips, Vitamin D During my first quarterly Rebif bloodtest, Dr. Generalist had ordered a Vitamin D test.  As you may recall, I scored a 39.  I was told that was “normal”, but most online […]

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