Life with MS & EDS

Other MS Blogs

Check out these other great MS blogs:


A Florida Journal

A Short in the Cord

A Stellarlife

Access denied-living with multiple sclerosis

AnnSawyer’s blog | The MS Recovery Diet

At Last! Time to Deal With Multiple Sclerosis by Homer

Atypical Multiple Sclerosis by Cindy


because I think I have something to say…

Behind Blue Eyes by Zee

Bifurcate In The Road

Blindbeard’s Multiple Sclerosis Blog

Brain Cheese

Brass and Ivory

Breaking The Dress Code by Katja

Bubbie’s Blog

bugs, bikes, and brains


Camille’s MSadventures

Can You Hear Me Now? by Donna

CarePear by Carolyn

Carnival of MS Bloggers

Carole’s MS blog

Carolyne’s MS Odyssey

Chain Reaction

chapter 7 – the daily tissue

Chemo is Not a Pony – (HiCy) patient

Clods and Pebbles

Conquer Multiple Sclerosis

Curiouser and Curiouser- Life with M.S

Curmudgeonette by Pamela


Dancing with MS by Lazscott


Delving Under the Covers by Charlene

Did you know Montel Willams has that?

Disabled Not Dead

Down the MS Path

Emms’ Bits

Everyday Life With MS by Lora

Everyone Here Is Jim Dandy

Fingolimod and Me


God Lives

halt stop forget relax

Hazel is in the Eye of the Beholder

I hate MS

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It!

I’m an MS Activist


Irreverence is Justified


It Is No Bad Thing To Celebrate A Simple Life by Pam


Jen’s MS blog

Jim’s DEEP Thoughts

Judi B’s blog

Libbi’s MS Journey

Life with MS & EDS

Life with MS – Trevis

Living Life as a Snowflake

Living Life One Day At A Time

Living Life with Multiple Sclerosis

Living well with Multiple sclerosis

Living With MS by Lauren

Living with Multiple Sclerosis by Laurie

Living! with MS


Looking Forward with Multiple Sclerosis

Lorna’s Blog



Managing Multiple Sclerosis

Mark and MS

Maybe I’m Just Lazy: One Woman’s Journey Through MS and Life

Me, myself and MS

Melissa Summers

Merely Me’s Writing to Survive

Messy Stuff: A Life with MS and Other Ramblings

Mima’s doings

MS AND ME. by MS Mom

MS and Zen

MS Dissonance by Shannon

MS Maze by Mandy

MS Musings

MS News and Notes by Deb

ms not just a diary.

MS Observer

MS Strength by Jen

MS. by ME

Ms. Jan

MSB’s Podcast by Charles

MS~LOL: Life Of Learning by Amy

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis & Faith

Multiple Sclerosis & Life

Multiple Sclerosis Blog by Charles

Multiple Sclerosis Notes

Multiple-Sclerosis-Chiefs-Oracle-Dad by Jamie

My beloved monster and me…

My Demyelination

My husband’s health (and mine now too)

My Journey with MS

My Journey with MS

My journey with Multiple Sclerosis

My Journey: Living Well with MS by Diana

My Life and Dealing With MS

My MS Journal

My Story of Life with Lyme and MS


Navigating the Journey of MS

Newly Diagnosed MS

No Empire No More

No time for MS

One Crazy Chick

one life

Persnickety by Dianne

Perspective Is Everything

Planning The Unpredictable

Pook & Lexi by Cynthia

Postcards of my Life


Rayne’s World by Jayme

Real Life & Loves, Living With Multiple Sclerosis

Reality Chick by Keli

Rebooting Kathy

Retired Waif

Ricks MS Weblog

Say It Isn’t So by Mouse

Serina’s Blog

Shake & spear

Shoester by Doug

slipping through my fingers

Sunshine and Moonlight — A Journey with Multiple Sclerosis

Surviving Multiple Sclerosis by Robin


The Barber Three by Iainaks

The Intelligent Person’s Guide to Beating MS by Rebecca

The Lemon~Aid Stand by Erin

The Life & Times Of Sancho Knotwise

The Life of BMW by Brian

The Multiple Sclerosis Companion by Pat

The Secret of My MS

The Zen Pretzel Trick

These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty

Tippy Topple

‘Tis Herself by Kell

Travels with Lucy

Tysabri — for those with MS it’s the best option by Deej

Vicki’s Blog

Victoria Mary Plum

viva la vida by Fatty Boombah


When it is raining cats and dogs!!!

White Lightning Axiom: Redux

Word Salads,the Demyelination of Me and the Breakdown of a Marriage

» WTF « by Chris

YodaMamma MS & More

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