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December 9, 2008

10 Pain-Causing Foods

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ABC News recently posted an article about 10 Foods That Bring on the Pain. My EDS diagnosis made a whole lot of sense to me because it explained why I’m getting joint pain and reflux.  It’s no surprise that foods can trigger pain, but I was surprised by some of the things on the list.

Cause: High acid content

Result: Acid reflux or heartburn
Impact for me: I can’t cut out tomato sauce, but if I forget to take a Zantac 150, my reflux is horrendous.

Citrus Fruits
Cause: High acid content
Result: Acid reflux or heartburn
Impact for me: They got this one right on for me. Citrus = horrible reflux. I didn’t care for it one way or the other, so I cut it out years ago.

Cause: High fat content
Result: Arthritic pain
Impact for me: NONE! I stopped eating red meat and pork when I was 12 years old. Thankfully poultry isn’t on this list!

Cause: Arachidonic acid (in the yolk)
Result: Same pro-inflammatory agent as in bacon; increased inflammation and joint/arthritic pain.
Impact for me: Wouldn’t have guessed this one!  I suppose I need to use more fake egg products since eggs are a favorite meal.

Cause: Saturated fat which raises cholesterol or the protein found in cheese
Result: Increased arthritic pain
Impact for me: This surprised me, too.  I won’t cut it out, so reduced portions and lower fat content are the best I can do.

Soft Drinks
Cause: High sugar
Result: Increased inflammation
Impact for me: None, I don’t drink soda. Mainly because I don’t like it, but also because carbonation causes horrible acid reflux for me (something the article didn’t mention as an issue.)

Cause: The chemical phenylethylamine
Result: A nasty “chocolate hangover” (the articles words; not mine.) But the impact depends on the person and the amount of caffeine in the chocolate.
Impact for me: None (perhaps because I refuse to believe someone so amazing can be harmful in any way.)

Cause: Sulfites? Nope, not unless you are allergic. The real culprit is the amino acid tyramine.
Result: Migraines
Impact for me: None, thankfully I don’t get migraines.

Processed Meat
Cause: Nitrates, high cholesterol, high fat
Results: Increased arthritic pain
Impact for me: Not sure. Unless it’s a 100% while meat turkey dog or veggie dog, I won’t go near hot dogs as their potential contents scare me. I’ve not noticed increased pain from the ones I eat.

Junk Food/Potato Chips
Cause: Saturated Fats
Results: Increased inflammation and arthritic pain
Impact for me: None. I’m not a big chips person.

So, while I refuse to give up chocolate, I may think twice about having a cheese omelet (a favorite meal, but life can go on with less of it.)

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