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June 19, 2009

Arms, where did we go wrong?

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Arms, what happened?  You were once a favorite shot location.  Other folks thought I was crazy, but I defended you.  Now you’re as bad as thighs!  Each arm shot now hurts the moment I press the AutoJect trigger.  Pea-sized seepage comes out as soon as I pull out the needle and there’s occasionally blood, too. What changed?  How did things go from so good to just horrible?  I’m so tempted to swear off shots in any appendage and stick with the middle of my body.  Shots there are so much easier.  Could sticking with just the tummy, hips, and tush be all that detrimental?  I’m seriously tempted to find out.

December 5, 2008

Finding things online and the questions they raise

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Things are going well. I had a blood test to make sure this isn’t Lyme Disease and am still waiting for the results. I doubt the test will show anything, but that would be an interesting explanation for this.

A friend shared an old article by someone who had just been diagnosed with MS. It was back in 2001, so some things have changed. Parts of it were funny, so I thought I’d share. My experiences have been pretty different than the author’s. I only cried once (just after the MRI results came in). I don’t feel scared or depressed. I do worry a little whenever my feet or arms get that pins-and-needles feeling, but if you know how I sit, it’s probably caused by the normal reasons limbs “fall asleep” and I just need to uncross my legs or stop leaning on my arm in a certain way and things return to normal. I’m actually pretty optimistic that whatever drug I pick will help.

The thing that jumped out in this article is that she says, “There are some things I can’t do. Ever. Give blood and donate my organs. I try not to take it personally that no one wants that stuff anymore.” I’ve always been an organ donor and really believe it in. I’ve never donated blood because I tend to black out when giving my own blood for tests (rather low blood pressure will do that!) Does anyone know if people with MS can’t donate organs? I can’t locate anything about that online and wondered how accurate that was.

The other thing is that she cautions about what you read online. Yes, I think there’s a lot of negative and inaccurate stuff out there, but there are an increasing number of positive, well informed posts and for those I am grateful. I think it’s a matter of picking and choosing what you read, just like anything else online. Some of it is garbage and some of it is very worthwhile. I’ve found worthwhile sites, but am still searching for more good information from people with a positive attitude who seem well informed and I always try to validate “facts” before believing them.


Update: I called the neuro’s office and am still waiting to hear back from them about the blood test results. I’m taking this as a sign that there’s nothing to report. The trend the past few weeks has been that doctors themselves call first thing in the morning when results show something.

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