Life with MS & EDS

April 30, 2009

Prednisone – Day Eight

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Today was the first day I can honestly say I had any energy.  I made it through an entire day of work with no sick leave!  I actually think I was moderately productive.  I still don’t feel like myself.  My thoughts aren’t as clear as they should be and I still feel like there’s a wave of something over me.  I am edgy and my patience level hasn’t returned to normal.  Little Sister was screaming her head off this morning and I really felt the need to just get out of the house.  I couldn’t tolerate it.  Thankfully hubby got her on her way to school before I brought myself to depart.

My hunger level has reached a new high.  I didn’t think it was possible to want to eat this much in a day.  I’m trying to make healthy choices (e.g.,  oatmeal instead of eggs for a second breakfast; salad instead of junk-food in the afternoon; cereal instead of ice cream for bedtime snack), but it’s still three extra meals that I probably don’t need.  Of course this is only making the acid reflux worse and two Zantac 150s a day are not enough.  I need to get the eating under control and find out if there is other medication I can take or if I can take Zantac three times a day.  My throat is just burning and that makes me want to eat more to push down the acid.  It’s a vicious cycle.

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